Post No1!

So here it is, my very first post here, finally got round to setting up a blog!

My HTC Hero

I love my HTC Hero, had it for over a year now and just managed to upgrade the software to version 2.1, which makes it much faster. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the Android Forums, which are a great place to get help for your phone.

Most of my friends have iphones which are great but I personally think the HTC is a great alternative that works out cheaper, CNET have some great articles on the HTC especially the top 10 apps to download, have a look here, you can even use your barcode reader to find them and download them.

The apps I use the most are Twitter, Facebook, NewsRob which is an RSS Reader & BBC News, basically all the apps that allow me to stay in contact with the world. What a life I lead!

I can almost definately say that my next phone will also be a HTC, maybe the rumoured HD model that’s coming soon…

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