So, for over a year now I have been promising myself to backup my computer in case anything happens to my hard drive. finally, just over a month ago, I finally went for it. After having spent a few hours looking around the Internet for the best solution for me, I finally chose 2 different solutions.

Dropbox –

I love this tool, sign up for a free 2Gb account, link as many computers as you want to it, create a dropbox folder, put the files you want to backup inside it and then let it go to work…

… What dropbox does is backup all the files in the dropbox folder to the ‘cloud’ (online servers) and then sync the 2 together whenever a file is added/deleted/edited. If you have more than 1 computer then link that in and it will sync everything to that computer as well. I have 4 computers and each one has an up-to-date version of all my files. I use dropbox to backup my docs and it works perfectly, allowing me to use any of my files on any of my computers and, whats more, I can also access my docs on any computer which is online, by accessing my account… perfect.

Mozy –

This was a harder choice as I had over 100Gb of music/photos/videos on my hard drive and wanted to back it all up. i first looked at backing up to an external HDD but then found some good sites that allow you to do it online, after reading the pros and cons, I went for the online option and chose Mozy as it only costs a few quid a month. This obviously works out expensive over time and is a lot slower (the initial backup took over a month) but it is very secure as it is backed up outside of my house, I can also access the files from the online site and once the initial backup was complete the automatic backups of any new files takes no time at all.

Hopefully over time as Internet speeds get faster, the backing up will get faster and this solution will become even better.

Backup – done!

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