Inanimate Alice

A few months I taught a series of lessons using the web site and stories as stimulus. The children in my class really enjoyed it as the story was presented in a very different way to usual. It is all done online as a multimedia experience with images, text and music all integrated to create a story. We watched and studied 3 episodes (we left the others as they were to adult in content). Each episode was taught over a week.

Week 1 – we created podcasts with our thoughts and opinions on the episode.

Week 2 – we used 2 experiences in our lives (one good, one bad) to create a poster representing them, the posters used images and text.

Week 3 – we looked at the beginning of episode 3 and then the children complete the episode with their own story.

All the children’s work is available to see on a blog we created (it’s not quite finished yet), but please follow the link below and have a look.

Year 4 Inanimate Alice

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