Posted in August 2011

Backups – An update

At the beginning of the year I posted about the solutions I use for backing up my computer and all the files I want to keep. After upgrading my main PC, I decided to change my backup solutions, partly because Mozy had increased their charges and partly because I had an offer from a company … Continue reading

A wet day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Went to see the animals. Spent most of the time sheltering from the torrential rain. Love the British weather! Still, got to bottle feed a lamb and see Kian get all close with some chickens – well worth it.

Epic Citadel

I have been searching for a new inspiration to add to my ‘Digital Storytelling’ unit of work I teach each spring. At present, I use Inanimate Alice (see previous post). I have now found it…! Epic Citadel, is an app for iOS devices that shows off the power of it’s graphic engine, it’s not really … Continue reading

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

I only recently heard about this tablet / laptop and it seems to answer all the questions I have had about tablets. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer, read a review here – ¬†they are saying its the best android tablet yet. I might wait for the Transformer which hopefully is imminent and will be a … Continue reading

BBC – Sport Editors: New F1 deal explained

BBC – Sport Editors: New F1 deal explained. Have a read of the above article, those people that know me, know I am an avid F1 fan and enjoy watching the races (I think it has contributed to my awesome driving and karting skills – see my unbeaten winning streak at karting). When I found … Continue reading