Asus Eee Pad Transformer

I only recently heard about this tablet / laptop and it seems to answer all the questions I have had about tablets. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer, read a review here –  they are saying its the best android tablet yet. I might wait for the Transformer which hopefully is imminent and will be a bit more powerful – apparently out in October!

Asus Eee Transformer

I have been using an iPad2 for a few weeks and while it is a stunning tablet, I am not convinced enough to buy one. I trawled through the app store and downloaded loads of apps but don’t really use any of them apart from Flip. Most of my time on the iPad2 seems to be used up by browsing the Internet. The lack of flash player is still very frustrating, but most annoying of all is the time taken to recharge the battery when plugged into my PC, I have read the support article on the Apple site and it says that my PC might not be powerful enough, but that doesn’t help me much!

I plan to use the iPad2 with my class in school in September and have downloaded loads of educational apps ready, so we’ll see what the children think of it…!

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