Epic Citadel

I have been searching for a new inspiration to add to my ‘Digital Storytelling’ unit of work I teach each spring. At present, I use Inanimate Alice (see previous post). I have now found it…!

Epic Citadel, is an app for iOS devices that shows off the power of it’s graphic engine, it’s not really a game but a world you can explore. From an educational point of view it is perfect for many different subjects especially Literacy. I have already downloaded the app to the iPad and iMac and will be exploring how to use it ready for spring term. I will post what I did with my class then. if you have any Apple device, then search for ‘Epic Citadel’ in the app store and download especially if you are a teacher!

While looking around the web to see what others had done, I found out that, the one and only Tim Rylands has done some work with Epic Citadel in a school he visited, some great inspiration on their web site. Have a look  Epic Citadel @ Porchester School

Have a look at a YouTube video which gives you a good taste of what this is about:

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