Backups – An update

At the beginning of the year I posted about the solutions I use for backing up my computer and all the files I want to keep. After upgrading my main PC, I decided to change my backup solutions, partly because Mozy had increased their charges and partly because I had an offer from a company called Livedrive.

I chose Livedrive to backup all my Music, photos and videos and now use it alongside Dropbox which backs up all my documents and regularly used files. I paid £40 for a year of backing up with Livedrive which proved cheaper than most other places and apart from taking ages to do the initial backup, has proved to be great and I now have peace of mind my precious files are all safe and sound!

Another website/program I use now is Evernote. This helps me to organise my life and not forget important things. It is great because my account is synced across all my devices (smartphone, iPad, laptop and PC). It consists of notes which can be text, photos or audio. The paragraph below is taken from the web site:

Capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your PC, even when offline.

So, by using these 3 solutions I think I have most things covered in my digital life! Now back to my real life…

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