iPads – Sharing/Saving

iPad-User-Guide-Share-in-iBooksThe biggest issue I have so far with using the iPads is the ability to save and share work, maybe I am being to critical but seeing as we aren’t at 1:1 capability in school (yet!), having only 35, different children will be using the iPads and therefore I felt it important to find a good way to store the pupils finished work.

Each pupil uses the same numbered iPad each time so they can go back and complete work but once completed then what do we do next?

Because the apps are made by different companies, I found that there isn’t one solution that is available in every app, at least not if don’t want to use email.

The 3 most common ways I can see to share work is via the:

1. Camera roll for movies, photos and art work
2. WebDav for Apple files, Comic Life and a few other apps
3, Dropbox for lots of other apps

I have been told that in the future WebDav will become a much more common format to share work with, as such we took a bit of a gamble and purchased a Mac Mini Server with WebDav on it to do just that.

The Camera Roll is easy to use and is setup ready to go from the start, files are uploaded to the Mac when the iPad is synced so that covered a number of apps.

i-Teach came in and setup our Mac Mini Server with WebDav, we created one login that once setup on the ipad wouldn’t have to be re-entered thus reducing any possible problems. Within that login are class folders and then pupil folders, although this isn’t ideal as everybody can see each others folders and work, I can’t see it being a problem either.

I then proceeded to create a school Dropbox account (although limited to 2Gb) and set that up in the same way as above with class folders and then pupils folders. After setting up all 3 ways of sharing I think I have allowed work to be shared, saved and backed up reliably.

The down side being that it is not one way of sharing work but different ways depending on the apps you use.

Aside from the above we also have accounts on Soundcloud (audio files), Vimeo (video files), and other individual apps but I didn’t want everything shared with these only the best which can be linked to from our school web site or our blogs.

I don’t profess to having got this perfect and sorted but from what I can see this should work, if others have worked out better ways of sharing work, then please get in touch.

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