iPads – the thanks

As I start this exciting new year, who knows where the journey will take me and the school. What I do know is that we wouldn’t be where we are without lots and people we talked to and visited and lots of resources we have read. Below I have listed a few in case others want to know where to start:

Casllwchr Primary School in Swansea, especially Simon and Sarah
They started their journey 18 months ago and are the first school in Wales to go 1:1, having heard and visited them, I learnt a massive amount about what apps to use and the practicality of using iPads in a Primary School.

Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, especially Fraiser 
I first started my journey by visiting Fraiser who was the first school in the world to go 1:1, the staff and pupils were brilliant and after seeing what they have done over the past 3 years it gave me the appetite to move our school forward.

The above 2 schools are great places to visit, most of my other knowledge has come from the people I follow on Twitter (@24md) and blogs I read, here are a few:

  • @ICTEvangelist
  • @ICTmagic
  • @TeacherToolkit

I will add to this list as and when I find other resources that are worth reading/following.


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