Posted in February 2013

Blogging Tutorial 202 – What is?

The second screencast explains what a blog is and how our school have been designed. We use a theme called iTheme2 which has a very ‘Apple’ feel to it. We have created a custom image at the top of the page that appears on all our blogs. The layout down the right and the pages … Continue reading

Blogging Tutorial 201 – Logging in

This is the first of a number of tutorials I will be posting giving screencasts (video tutorials) on how to blog. The purpose of these is primarily for staff at my school The Dell. We have bought our school web site into the 21st century by creating a blog for each year group. Instead of … Continue reading

SAMR – Framework for using technology in education

When starting on the journey of using technology in education, I felt it very important at an early stage to identify how to support the other staff in the school so everyone can move forward. This framework from Dr. Ruben Puentedura aims to enable teachers to design, develop and integrate digital learning experiences that utilise … Continue reading

Coming soon…

This weekend I am starting a new series of blog entries. In school we are about to launch our new on-line presence using blogs for each group. They have been setup and rather than provide the traditional style of training I am creating a series of screencasts going through different aspects of blogging. That way … Continue reading

iPads – the apps, take 2

Every half term, I update the iPads by adding new apps I have found and remove apps that haven’t been used much. I don’t want the iPads to become cluttered with too many apps so am quite ruthless in what is on them. Here is the most recent update of apps and how I have … Continue reading

Using iPads – the first 5 weeks

The pupils in my class have had a chance to use the iPads a lot during the first half of the term, sometimes as an option they could choose, sometimes to complete an activity. They are all now getting quite familiar with the apps and in what ways each app can be used. I have … Continue reading