Using iPads – the first 5 weeks

The pupils in my class have had a chance to use the iPads a lot during the first half of the term, sometimes as an option they could choose, sometimes to complete an activity. They are all now getting quite familiar with the apps and in what ways each app can be used.

I have listed below some of the activities we have done, if you want to see them in action or find out more detail, visit my year group blog:

– Writing character profiles, pupils could choose to write in books or type using Pages on the iPad
– Writing snow poems, initially in English books then making them come alive using iMovie, Garage Band, Explain Everything,  PicCollage and other apps
– Writing about ourselves in Welsh, using Explain Everything and starting a Welsh book using Book Creator
– Creating a Roald Dahl mind map to start our topic using Popplet
– Creating a My Learning Map to start our SEAL topic (Going for Goals) using Popplet
– Thinking about conflicts that happen in school and how we can solve them, planning in notebooks then using Puppet Pals HD
– Comparing and contrasting the River Wye and the River Nile using a range of apps (Strip Designer, Book Creator and others) or their books
– Writing instructions on how to mummify a body using Strip Designer
– Using Math Bingo as a warm up to improve our mental maths, in particular addition
Comparing Chepstow and Al Idwah in Egypt as part of Geography using a range of apps including Strip Designer, Pages, Explain Everything.
Filming our gymnastics performances using iMovie and then evaluating each other.

When the pupils have had some free time on the iPads they have been exploring other apps, especially the Maths ones and iMovie. See my ‘apps’ list in a previous post for what apps are installed.


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