iPads – the apps, take 2

Every half term, I update the iPads by adding new apps I have found and remove apps that haven’t been used much. I don’t want the iPads to become cluttered with too many apps so am quite ruthless in what is on them.

Here is the most recent update of apps and how I have organised them, paid for apps are in Red:

The Dock


Screen 1 – Apps that are used often and in a variety of ways

Moodboard Lite
Show Me
Explain Everything
History Encyclopaedia (Simon Houghton)
UYH (Use Your Handwriting)

Screen 2 – in folders

Art – Brushes, Art Rage, Type Drawing, 123D Sculpt

Audio – Soundcloud, Audioboo

English – Epic Citadel, Story Ideas, Comic Life, Puppet Pals HD (Directors Pass), Pow Strip Designer, Book Creator, Spelling Free, Spellosaur, 4 Pics 1 Word, Word Jewels XL, Dragon Dictation, Toontastic

Foundation Phase – Doodoo Lite, Paint Sparkles, LEGO Friends, Bee-Bot, Maths: age 3-5, 43 Words, Amazing Match, Hairy Letters, Bugs & Buttons, Monkey Maths

Geography – Maps, Google Earth, Google Maps

Maths – Maths Board, Times Tables, Operation Math, Mathmateer, Math Bingo, Calculator, AddiQuizz Free, Fraction Basic, AB Math

Photography – Pic Collage, Image Chef, Fotobabble, Photo Booth, Jigsaw Puzzle, TourWrist, Photobucket, Colour Effects

Science – Solar Walk, Go Sky Watch, Decibel 10th, Science 360

Splash Maths – Free versions of grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Maths – want to see how good they are before purchasing

Teacher – Evernote, Incerts Snap, TED, iFiles, Twitter

Video – Vimeo, Morfo, You Tube, 8mm, Videos

Utilitiescontains all the apps that come with the iPad that aren’t used much as well as Pointer, iPDF

Not in a particular folder – Aurasma, I Can Animate, Coach’s Eye

What I am finding is that a lot of the so called ‘free’ apps are limited in functionality unless you pay to upgrade. It is very easy to spend lots of money buying apps and you have to really think about their educational value before doing so, hence download the free version first, use it and if you think it’s worth paying for, then do so.


2 thoughts on “iPads – the apps, take 2

  1. Thanks for including our game, Word Jewels XL, in your list! Our kids teachers use our games and we really love to hear about our games being used in other classrooms! Word Jewels 2 is also free and has a few new game modes to try.

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