SAMR – Framework for using technology in education

When starting on the journey of using technology in education, I felt it very important at an early stage to identify how to support the other staff in the school so everyone can move forward. This framework from Dr. Ruben Puentedura aims to enable teachers to design, develop and integrate digital learning experiences that utilise technology to transform learning experiences to lead to high levels of achievement for pupils.

S – Substitution – the computer stands in for another technological tool without a significant change in the tool’s function.
A – Augmentation – the computer replaces another technological tool, with significant functionality increase.
M – Modification – the computer enables the redesign of significant portions of a task.
R – Redefinition – the computer allows for the creation of new tasks that would otherwise be inconceivable without the technology.



Below is a great video highlighting what SAMR is, if you search for SAMR on the Internet, lots of information comes up including a list of what apps could be used at what stage, I was going to put that on here but thought, that’s a bit to prescriptive as any app can be used a variety of ways and the limit is the imagination of the user.

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