Review of the Year – iPads

2013-04-18 14.02.43

It has been so long since writing here, mainly as the summer term became incredibly busy with the culmination of an Estyn inspection a month a go! When I finally broke up for the holidays, I promised myself I would write a number of posts looking back at the incredible journey I have been on over the last 12 months. I will break the review down into topics.

So iPads, I have already blogged extensively about what we are doing with iPads and how we went about introducing them into school so this will be a short update.

Our current setup is: class set of 30 iPads in year 4 and 1 iPad per class (14). In September we are hoping to add another 30 iPads which will primarily be used in year 5. This is because we need to continue the journey our year 4 classes started. We are also very close to starting up a BYOD project, a lot of background work has ben done and we have a parent meeting on 19th September. I will discuss that in a future post, but it could revolutionise learning in school.

Each class having it’s own iPad has been great to get interest and excitement going, it has mainly been used by the teacher as a prelude to having more in the school.


Other updates include The Dell becoming an iPad Academy (  in partnership with our secondary school up the road. This is really exciting because it allows us to host training opportunities and professional development for our staff and other schools that are run by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs).

Our Digital Leaders appeared in the South Wales Argus as part of the Education File, which was a nice celebration of the work they have been doing over the past 6 months. I have big plans for our Digital Leaders next year and will dedicate a whole post to them soon.


During the summer term I carried out a survey with my year 4 class to gain some summative assessment information on their opinion of using the iPads, the results were fascinating and just go to show that the pupils don’t think that iPads and technology should replace anything but used hand in hand with everything else.

Bellow are the results of the survey, have a look and see what you think.

Photo 31-05-2013 21 37 21

So there you have it, our 6 month journey, I could spend hours writing about all the activities we have done but I haven’t got time and lots of them are available to see on our year group blog. If you want some inspiration on how to use technology in the classroom for learning, then have a look.

The impact is hard to measure but talk to any of the children from year 4 and they will tell you what they think of it. I passionately believe in what we are doing and the way it is engaging the pupils in their learning, it is opening opportunities for the pupils to take a lot more control of their learning, the direction it goes in and ensures they are developing the skills they are going to need in the future.

Speaking to a number of parents at the end of the year and they have all been very complimentary in what we are doing, and are amazed at the skills their children are now able to demonstrate. They want some training as well… watch this space.

I can be confident in saying that learning in my class does not just happen within the classroom walls, we have smashed them down and continued our learning at home, on holiday, on school trips and anywhere we go. It has been amazing to pop on to my class account of Edmodo and see how much the pupils are sharing through the summer holidays.

I can’t wait for September to start and have a whole new class to go on a journey with.

Next post: Review of the Year – Edmodo

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