iPad Apps List – Version 3.0


It’s been a while since I updated the apps on our iPads, the summer holidays being the perfect time to do so especially as we are getting more in soon.

So here goes, I have stopped organising them into folders as my opinion has changed, you can’t categorise the apps by subject, so it’s just a list, red ones paid for as usual, rest free.

The first group are what I consider to be the core apps, the ones I have used the most in school (teachers & pupils). Below that are some I occasionally use and new ones to try out next term. Remember I am a KS2 teacher so some of the great Foundation Phase apps may appear further down as I don’t use them much, you can judge for yourself.

Core Apps

Brushes, Coaches Eye, Edmodo, Evernote, Garage Band, Google Drive, Grafio, iMovie, Morfo, Pages, Pic Collage, Pinterest, Popplet, Soundcloud, Strip Designer, Twitter, UYH, Ustream, WordPress, Art Rage, Book Creator, Explain Everything, Puppet Pals HD Directors Pass, Video Scribe HD, Feedly.

Less Used Apps

Action Movie FX, Addiquiz, PS Express, Amazing Match, Aurasma, Bee-Bot, Board Cam, Bugs & Buttons, Camera FX, Classroom Timer, Colour Effects, Dropbox, Epic Citadel, Flipboard, Google Earth, Google Maps, Hairy Letters, I Can Animate, iBooks, iFiles, Image Chef, iMotion HD, iSpreadsheet, iTunes U, LEGO Friends, Math Bingo, Math age 3-5, Math Board, Mathmateer, Monkey Maths, Paint Sparkles, Qrafter, Name Selector, Spelling Free, Story Ideas, Times Tables, Too Noisy, Calculator, History, Skype, Toontastic, Type Drawing, 123D Sculpt, Inserts Snap, Our Rights Wales, 8mm.

New Apps

Documents, Flash Cardlet, FMM, Moldiv, Photo Card, Say Anything, Skitch, Snapseed, Spacecraft 3D, Sphere, Socrative, Thing Link, VDownload, Wifi Photo, Doceri, Touch Cast, Quipio.

There’s definitely a lot of apps here, but, apart from the new ones to try out, the rest are used throughout the school.

A lot of the paid apps have free versions which must be tried first before paying for them.

One app missing is Vimeo, we use Vimeo a lot in school but the app is rubbish on the iPad, much better to use the web site.

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