Using Edmodo in class/school

I’ve already written about using Edmodo in my class and how successful it’s been. This post is merely a collection of documents, videos and presentations that are aimed to support teachers just starting out using Edmodo in their classroom (as we are doing in my school, rolling it out to all 8 KS2 classes).

Yes, you can fid all these online already but I’ve done the hard work and found them all for you. Download and use as you see fit, hopefully some will be of use to get you started.

Edmodo – Getting Started

Edmodo in one page

Edmodo – Guidelines

Edmodo – Security Best Practices

Edmodo skills checklist for intro lesson

Edmodo – Username Cards

Edmodo – Pupil Guide

Below is a link to a blog post from Edmodo with tips on how to get started.

Get started with Edmodo

I will add more resources as I find them.

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