Evernote – Recording Oracy

I originally posted about Evernote a few months ago, since then my own use of this as an assessment tool has taken off along with its use in school.

I showcased what I was doing at the e-learning training day I ran a month ago and lots of the other teachers present saw the potential and decided to use it themselves. Each teacher has set it up how they see best with the most common way being to create a notebook for each pupil and then notes within for different assessment opportunities.

Screenshot 2013-10-30 18.03.09

I still use it with tags which has made it very easy to navigate and look at particular notes. During parents evening last week, all I had in front of me was my iPad with Evernote open, as each parent came in, I clicked on their child’s tag and up came the notes associated with them.

Screenshot 2013-10-30 18.03.37

The most useful note for each child was their general one which contains scores for all formal assessments and what groups they are in for particular activities in school, I found it so easy to switch between notes and have a good, meaningful discussion with the parents.

What I have started to use Evernote more for now is recording oracy, especially Welsh. I have already recorded each child speaking a paragraph about themselves in welsh and also a conversation between 2 children in welsh. The individual paragraphs have been tagged by ‘name’ and ‘welsh oracy’, over the year I will add new recording to highlight the progress they are making.

Once I have recorded the pupils, there are 2 things I have done with which is very easy using Evernote:

1. I created a QR code with the link to the pupils welsh oracy note and then these are stuck into their welsh books. This not only gives me evidence that the pupils are speaking welsh and improving, it is accessible to anyone with a QR code reader, whether it is the welsh co-ordinator, head teacher, Estyn inspector or parents.

2. For parents evening, I told all my pupils to tell their parents to bring in their phones (if they had the capability of scanning QR codes) and they could scan their child’s code and listen to them speaking welsh. Of course, this can be developed a lot more and I am starting to use QR codes in lots of books so that parents and others can easily find out what the pupils have been up to (the pupils are now starting to create their own codes).

And this is all in half a term, I am sure over the year I will find even more ways to use Evernote not only an assessment tool but for other purposes. What I like most is that I am doing something once and then using it for a multitude of purposes so in the long run, it saves time.

if anyone else has ideas for using Evernote in school, I would love to hear about them.

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