Digital Leaders So Far…


Having recently changed schools, one of the first tasks I started was to recruit Digital Leaders. The school I’m in now offers a fantastic opportunity to develop technology for learning and move the school into the 21st century. I effectively have a blank canvas to work with. So Digital Leaders are going to be vital to the direction the school goes in.

I opened the application process to all year 4 and year 5 pupils who will ultimately be year 5 and 6 when we get going. I introduced the role of Digital Leaders in an assembly using a video I made from Videoscribe, see below. Pupils could then collect an application form and apply. When the closing date passes I will be selecting around 6 to 10 leaders using the help of other staff in school.

I have included the video below to give others ideas and also the application form which can be downloaded and edited.

DL Application form

Once they have been recruited we will be signing up to the so we can collaborate with other schools.

Some of the ideas and projects I am hoping to start with them:

– Identify the aims of the DL group and share with staff and parents
– Start a weekly drop in session for staff to come and ask for help
– Extensive training in all things tech related
– Run an assembly on what DL’s are and how they can help
– Assign DL’s to staff to support on a 1:1 basis
– Identify what the pupils want from ICT and technology in school and help formulate a plan

I have got more ideas but I think this will keep us busy for a while.

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