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POW Strip Design

POW Strip Design

One of my favourite apps I currently use on the iPad is Pow Strip Designer, this has to be one of the most versatile apps around where only the limits of your imagination will hold you back. It is very similar to Comic Life, but in my opinion, better. I have used this in all … Continue reading

e-Learning Inset Day

Edmodo Training Session Watch the following video, using either pen and paper or an app on the iPad, make notes of what is happens on each of the nine days. Now using Strip Designer retell the story of Queen Mary Once complete save your work to the camera roll and submit it on Edmodo.   … Continue reading

iPad Apps List – Version 3.0

iPad Apps List – Version 3.0

v3.0 It’s been a while since I updated the apps on our iPads, the summer holidays being the perfect time to do so especially as we are getting more in soon. So here goes, I have stopped organising them into folders as my opinion has changed, you can’t categorise the apps by subject, so it’s … Continue reading

Review of the Year – iPads

Review of the Year – iPads

It has been so long since writing here, mainly as the summer term became incredibly busy with the culmination of an Estyn inspection a month a go! When I finally broke up for the holidays, I promised myself I would write a number of posts looking back at the incredible journey I have been on … Continue reading

Popplet and iMovie with History

Lots of the work the pupils did last term on the iPads was done through History, below are some more examples of the types of work they did. Generally the pupils chose which ‘app’ to use once I had set the task and given them the success criteria, the most popular ones have been Popplet … Continue reading

Using Type Drawing in History

One of the activities my class did last term was to investigate what sort of person Henry VIII was by collecting together words describing him. They then chose a photo of him as a background in Type Drawing and using the different words they traced over the top of the back ground using a range … Continue reading

iPads – the apps, take 2

Every half term, I update the iPads by adding new apps I have found and remove apps that haven’t been used much. I don’t want the iPads to become cluttered with too many apps so am quite ruthless in what is on them. Here is the most recent update of apps and how I have … Continue reading

Using iPads – the first 5 weeks

The pupils in my class have had a chance to use the iPads a lot during the first half of the term, sometimes as an option they could choose, sometimes to complete an activity. They are all now getting quite familiar with the apps and in what ways each app can be used. I have … Continue reading