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Assessing digitally created content

Background For a while now (many years, but more importantly the last 6 months) I have spent way to many hours thinking about and researching how to keep track of pupils work that has been created digitally. By ‘digitally’ I mean using, iPads, laptops, iPods, tablets or PC’s. In The Dell it is mainly iPads … Continue reading

SAMR – Framework for using technology in education

When starting on the journey of using technology in education, I felt it very important at an early stage to identify how to support the other staff in the school so everyone can move forward. This framework from Dr. Ruben Puentedura aims to enable teachers to design, develop and integrate digital learning experiences that utilise … Continue reading

iPads – the apps, take 2

Every half term, I update the iPads by adding new apps I have found and remove apps that haven’t been used much. I don’t want the iPads to become cluttered with too many apps so am quite ruthless in what is on them. Here is the most recent update of apps and how I have … Continue reading

Using iPads – the first 5 weeks

The pupils in my class have had a chance to use the iPads a lot during the first half of the term, sometimes as an option they could choose, sometimes to complete an activity. They are all now getting quite familiar with the apps and in what ways each app can be used. I have … Continue reading

iPads – the thanks

As I start this exciting new year, who knows where the journey will take me and the school. What I do know is that we wouldn’t be where we are without lots and people we talked to and visited and lots of resources we have read. Below I have listed a few in case others … Continue reading

iPads – Sharing/Saving

The biggest issue I have so far with using the iPads is the ability to save and share work, maybe I am being to critical but seeing as we aren’t at 1:1 capability in school (yet!), having only 35, different children will be using the iPads and therefore I felt it important to find a … Continue reading

iPads – the first week

With a week left until the christmas break, it was the perfect time to get the pupils in the class used to using the iPads, so instead of the usual Christmas activities, I decided to give the pupils time to explore the apps available. First job, assign an iPad to each child – done. Second … Continue reading

iPads – the apps

After a massive amount of research, reading and using. I finally put together our apps list that would act as a starting point for using the iPads. There are literally hundreds of good apps that could be used in school and it was very hard to narrow them down as the only limit to their … Continue reading

iPads – the setup

There are many ways to setup iPads in school, until recently each iPad needed a separate iTunes account or you use one account across multiple machines, this isn’t recommended as you really need to buy a copy of an app for each iPad and this way would allow you to purchase one copy and then … Continue reading

iPads – the kit

So 34 iPads arrived in school last week to compliment the 1 we already had. When researching what to buy, a few considerations were needed, not just buy as many iPads as possible but how are you going to manage them, where are the pupils going to save their work and how are teachers going … Continue reading